Right Turns Tool Box for Successfully Completing Probation

Most probation includes a requirement for people to abstain from drinking and drug use for the duration of their probation. This part of the program can provide you with the tools to be successful in staying clean during this time.

A few words about confidentiality. If you have been ordered to take this course as a condition of your probation there are a couple of points we want to make.

  • What, if anything, you decide to do about your drug use is entirely up to you.
  • This program will not label you or tell you what to do.
  • The information you enter into the program is confidential.
  • Any reports on your progress through the program that you want sent to your probation officer will only document the dates of your online sessions and the modules you've completed. None of the content in any of the modules is included in that report. You are the person to decide when and where these reports are sent and you can review them before they are sent.

The next step is to register to use the program then you can get started with the Tool Box.