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This web course was developed by Dr. Reid Hester, Director of the Research Division of Behavior Therapy Associates, LLP and his research team. Dr. Hester is a clinical psychologist with extensive research and clinical expertise in developing computer-delivered training programs for people with alcohol problems. Consultants during its development include

  • Dr.Ralph Elkins
  • Dr. A. Tom Horvath
  • Joseph "Bo" Miller, LISW
  • Dr. Nancy Petry
  • Dr. Lyn Stein
  • Dr. Henry Steinberger
  • Dr. Robert Stephens
  • Dr. George Woody

Neither this web course nor Behavior Therapy Associates, LLP is associated with any formal treatment program.

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This web course is being developed under Grant R43-AA020174 funded by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.